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Today was my son's first visit/consultation for his braces and everyone was so nice. Dr Dempsey is so honest, sweet and so kind, I appreciated all the information we were given today. I would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Christy T.

Dr. Dempsey is the best orthodontist in town! Besides quick service she is the kindest! She really takes her time and make sure you have the best smile possible! My treatment was for 4 years and it was that long because she didn’t like the position of one of my teeth and she didn’t give up or finish my treatment until she was completely satisfied. I appreciate her so much because now EVERYONE notices my smile first and I get so many compliments! And you can’t forget her team! Best staff ever! I recommend to everyone needing braces to go with her. Thank you Dr. Dempsey & staff!

Alejandra O.

Family Unwrapping

I've been going there for almost 2 and a half years for my braces which are finally finished. This was off the recommendation of my relative and friends who have been there for the same before me. Dempsey and her whole staff were super nice. It was a really warm and welcoming experience. I would say that was the most noticeable thing. It seems like they definitely know what they are doing. And I would recommend anyone within the area who seeks the same service to try this place. Thank You Dr. Dempsey

Richard L.

Very nice people! Dempsey is literally one of the most kind and caring person I know. She really went out of her way to make my smile great and definitely recommend this place to anyone wanting a better smile!

Jesus N.


When I first came here my teeth were terrible, over bite and huge gap, now I have a beautiful straighter smile and it's all thanks to the staff who work at this fantastic business. They have always stayed consistent with looking out for us patients, explaining each step of the braces journey, asking me if I need anything after each appointment, and way more. Dempsey orthodontics isn't just a regular orthodontics business. They treat you like family. I am so pleased and thankful with how my teeth turned out. Thank you to everyone who has worked here and helped me throughout it all.

Abby L.

I love this orthodontist. I went here for two years and  everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I always looked forward to go back and get my braces checked all the time. Thank you Dr. Dempsey and the staffs for making my braces journey easy and awesome. Best Orthodontist!

Lisa T.


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